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"The First Book: Go ahead, it won't bite. Well... maybe a little. More a nip, like. A tingle. It's pleasurable, really. You see, it keeps on opening. You may fall in. Sure, it's hard to get started; remember learning to use knife and fork? Dig in: you'll never reach bottom. It's not like it's the end of the world - just the world as you think you know it."
~Rita Dove


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Releases & Challenges

I love doing themed releases and challenges, so I'm using this section to keep track of those fun releases!

Previously on my site, I tried to list practically every release I made for challenges, etc. Even though I make forum posts and lists, I didn't manage to keep up with the lists on the website. So I'm going to try something a little different here and just post the lists in raw format or however I already have them organized.



I did participate in a few challenges, but I didn't keep track of my releases as well as I should have! Here are two I am sure I participated in multiple times:


Challenges I participated in:


Challenges I participated in:


Challenges I participated in:


Challenges I participated in: